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Welcome!  I'm Ranada, creator of to make living a healthy life SIMPLE by providing safe, quick and effective online workouts you can do anytime, anywhere.  And to provide you with the must have tools to live a beautiful, pain-free life.  

When you take time to invest in yourself, you create self awareness, a vision for your future self and new habits to become the best version of you.  And, most importantly to live a healthy lifestyle of your choosing. 

My mission with Ranada Fitness is to provide you with simple step-by-step therapeutic exercise programs and MUST HAVE self-care tools and accountability you need to create the best version of you.  

Providing you with the right tools like the daily planner, fillable to-do-list templates to help you consistently workout and reach your health and wellness goals. 

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I help busy people get healthy.  Are you in?

Learn how to fit exercise into any busy schedule so that you can spend more time with those you love while living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Imagine what it will feel like to get strong, move well and live better. 

To build strength, create mobility and stability where you need it the most to stay active, healthy and live a pain-free life.     


I believe change comes from within.  And you can change your life.  Today.

 And true healing and living a healthy lifestyle happens when you combine less stress, good sleep, clean and anti-inflammatory food, regular exercise, human connection and a growth mindset.


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A simple and easy way to fit exercise into your every day life.

" I just completed the 21-Day Full Body Pilates Challenge with Ranada and it was such a great experience! As a business owner who travels a lot finding the time to workout has always been difficult and Ranada made it easy with the online daily videos. I found myself excited to wake up each day, even when I was in a hotel room, so I could complete the workout for that day. For someone who hadn’t worked out in a long time the videos were challenging, but not so hard that I got discouraged which was perfect. After the 21 days I notice a difference in my overall strength and even more importantly the videos helped me create a daily routine that I am excited to continue!"

Tania R. Owner at Elevate Your Communications LLC

"Ranada is really kind, professional, open-minded, knowledgeable, and highly skilled in her field. I took her 21-Day Full Body Pilates Challenge and was pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness and how easy it was to stay motivated. I've never really gotten into Pilates until now and can happily say I'm going to continue along with using Ranada's recommendations!"

Kim M. Owner at Kim Marquez Photography

"As a Colorado athlete continually trying to keep up with my mentors and peers at the ski areas, on the trails, in the mountains and all around the state, I finally realized that I have to take care of my body. My physical therapist got me on the right track by diagnosing my problems and recommending exercises, but I needed more. When I first met Ranada, outside of the office, she listened to my concerns and immediately said that we could dig deeper into my knee problems. She believed that my PT was just scratching the surface of my issues. At the first session, she listened as I went over everything that I had learned so far. She listened, asked questions, wrote things down, was very patient and was very confident that she could help. The confidence that she exudes made me know that the knee issues would be disappearing shortly. We went over many exercises in great detail. She made sure that the foundation of the exercise was correct before we started, made sure my spine was in perfect alignment, she corrected bad habits, corrected bad form and so much more. What I really appreciated was that she explained the purpose of each exercise, so I was mentally able to understand the process. There was no guessing and once again, she patiently answered all of my questions. It's up to me to follow through, but Ranada has me on the right track. I recently Trekked through Peru, pain free. Thanks Ranada! See you at the next session. Self-care is a lifetime journey!"

Brian R. Owner at Five Star Colorado

"After having a baby and accepting a job with a longer commute, I felt like I didn't have time to workout. After a number of months, however, my core strength degraded to such an extent I ended up with a bulging disc. I had to get strong again. I've always enjoyed group classes though and didn't know how or when to workout on my own. Ranada's 21-day challenge was the answer. I can walk/run/bike before doing a short video or just do a few videos b2b. It's fun, I feel my strength returning, I've got options (time and place) and feel more confident in creating my own personalized workout schedule. I HIGHLY recommend it!"

Victoria F. Sr. Manager at Online Education Medical Group Management Association

"Ranada radiates to me the meaning of balance, control & surrender. My life is and will forever be changed because of her dedication to me as a student and as a human being!"

Sarah H. Owner at Inspirational to Live Well Integrated Mental Health

"Ranada is one of my favorite yoga teachers at CorePower Yoga. She's pleasant, positive, supportive, clear, and the various flows she puts together are challenging, but also attainable for her students. I think some teachers try to work in stuff that most of their students aren't ready for as well as poses that are far more difficult for men, which is a deterrent to some teachers for me. I like the yoga studio where I go, but I wouldn't be there if Ranada wasn't teaching!"

John G. TV Producer

"Ranada is a truly gifted Pilates instructor who is helping me achieve my goal of feeling better in my body. I have an autoimmune arthritis, fibromyalgia, and hyper-mobile joints that created a baseline of constant pain that interferes with my daily life. I have tried different pilates instructors (including one who was also a PT) and have never found someone who understood what my body needed until now. After three sessions I felt about 25% less pain than at my baseline. I just finished my fifth private session and already can see results beyond those I can feel. I am stronger and my pain has decreased by at least 50%. After a pilates session with Ranada I feel like my body is one cohesive unit instead of feeling like my skin is the only thing holding my joints together and it is such an empowering feeling because it is allowing me to find joy in activities that had become too painful to enjoy. I highly recommend booking a session; my only regret is waiting as long as I did to start my pilates journey with Ranada! "

Jess E. Nurse

"I was looking for a massage therapist who could provide therapeutic expertise and a stress relieving experience. On my first visit with Ranada, I knew I had found a "massage home". Ranada was authentic, interested and attentive. With her, I found that perfect balance of therapy and relaxation. She eased my chronic neck and shoulder pain and brought a healing touch to a knee with osteoarthritis and one that had been replaced. Over the last several months, I have seen Ranada regularly and cannot say enough about her personal approach to massage. I never feel like I am receiving a generic massage. Every time I see her, I feel like she is responding to what my body needs in that moment. She is truly gifted in her ability to provide a personalized experience. Currently, I see Ranada for both massage and Pilates. I started taking individual Pilates sessions to compliment the benefits of massage and to help with recovery from a knee replacement. I find Ranada to be a gifted teacher. She is knowledgeable, energetic, and brings a sense of joy and fun to our work together. She hits that perfect balance of pushing me without taking it too far. And she offers tips and advice on how to integrate proper movement techniques into my daily life. I am realizing a dramatic increase in strength and flexibility. I feel more centered, energetic and in less pain because I am regularly stretching and becoming aware of how to move. She brings skill, enthusiasm and variety to her individualized work with me and I thoroughly enjoy my Pilates time. With every session, I feel stronger, more aligned and more aware of my body. Because I see Ranada for both Pilates and massage, she is able to provide an integrated approach that is tailored to the needs of my body. She knows me and what I need to maximize the benefits of both massage and Pilates. "Initially, I questioned the cost of regular massage and individual Pilates sessions, but I no longer question the investment I am making. Ranada provides guidance and personalized caring support that has allowed me to become stronger and move without pain. I can truly say that she has enhanced the quality of my life."

Glenna K. Educator

"I have made so much progress since beginning Pilates with Ranada. She takes the principles I have learned in physical therapy and uses those to build strength in the areas I need to support my back. Ranada is excellent at providing a supportive atmosphere that is custom made to fit my current abilities. Since starting Pilates with Ranada I am stronger and can function better in all aspects of my life including being fit enough to parent an active toddler more effectively! I cannot say enough about how much of a blessing her classes have been in my life!"

Janissa S. Medical Sales Representative

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