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MY LIFE'S MOTTO:  If you believe it, you can achieve it.

After a head-on collision left me in daily pain for two years at age 24, and even after I sought out medical advice, It wasn't until I went through my own trial and error I figured out how to live pain-free.

A former nurse, with 20 years as a nationally certified massage therapist and years teaching therapeutic exercise.  A nationally certified Pilates teacher, Balanced Body trained in barre and registered yoga teacher helping others, and collaborating with some of the best doctors and physical therapist, 2 decades working with patients who suffered with pain, and co-founding a musculoskeletal clinic.  It’s my passion to educate, inspire and empower humans to live a beautiful, pain-free life.  

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband Craig and our adorable chocolate lab, Doc, getting lots of fresh air in beautiful Colorado.  And giving back to those in need, both in our communities and on a global scale.


I believe change comes from within.  And you can change your life.  Today.

And true healing and living a healthy lifestyle happens when you combine less stress, good sleep, clean and anti-inflammatory food, regular exercise, human connection and a growth mindset.



INTEGRITY is the foundation for living a beautiful, happy and fulfilled life.
Integrity is the state of being whole, honest, having strong moral principles both in your personal life and in business.  When you have integrity, you can trust and respect yourself, build confidence and have faith you’re making the right decisions in your life and for your family.  When you connect with people who have similar values, you create healthier relationships, a good support system and a healthier lifestyle.

AUTHENTICITY is what helps us create true happiness from within.  And, gives us the opportunity to connect with others.  When we learn how to connect with ourselves and create connection with others, we can help lift each other up and be our best self.

SELF-CARE helps you rebalance, recharge and refuels your body, mind and soul.  Making self-care a priority is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you.  And, being a self leader and role model for your family, friends and your community.

THRIVE is one of the key components to help us tap into our limitless potential to help us flourish and for personal self growth development for our body, mind and soul. 

PERSEVERANCE is what helps us achieve success and our dreams when times get tough, and the determination to get through any life challenge that comes our way. 




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