Pilates for Beginners | 5-Minute Lower Body Workout

If you're looking for a safe, quick and effective Pilates for beginners lower body workout, to create good core and lower body strength and stability, this workout is for you!  And to train your body intelligently so that it works FOR rather than AGAINST you.

Grab a mat, towel or find a carpet space to workout on.  And, grab 2 hand towels or a small pillow to go under your head when needed.

Click on the YouTube video below to get started.



 Props:  Grab a mat, towel or use a carpet space or rug to workout on.  And grab 2 hand towels or a small pillow to go under your head when needed.

Start by lying on your side with your legs extended with your shoulder and hips stacked, and keep your head, shoulder and hips in one line.  Place your two hand towels or a small pillow under your head. If you don’t have any props, extend and relax your bottom arm over your head, and relax your head on your upper arm or bend your bottom elbow and place your hand to your head.  Place your top hand in front of you and come up onto your finger tips. Draw your abdomen in to engage your neutral pelvis.

Exercise #1  Side Small Leg Lifts

Step 1  Lift and lower your top leg up and down for six to ten repetitions.

Exercise #2  Side Small Leg Circles

Step 1  Make small leg circles with your straight leg for six to ten repetitions. 

Step 2  Repeat the small leg circle in the other direction.

Exercise #3  Side Leg Kicks

Step 1  Move your top straight leg forward and back for six to ten repetitions.  You have the option to pulse your leg two times when you bring your leg forward to do the full expression.

Note:  Decrease the range of motion or don’t add the pulse if you lose your form and you cannot keep everything stable in your upper and lower body.

Bonus Exercise #4  Side Single Leg Press

Step 1  Lift your top leg up.  

Step 2  Bend your top knee in front of you and extend your leg back to starting position.  Repeat for six to ten repetitions.

Stretch #1  Side Single Bent Knee Stretch

Step 1 Bend and relax your top knee in front of you.  Hold position, and take two to three slow breathes.  Note: You can massage or pat your leg and buttock area to relieve any muscle soreness. 

Repeat these exercises on the other side.


Place both feet onto the floor, turn onto one side and push yourself up to a comfortable seated position.  

You are done, great job!  Thank you for working out with me.  I look forward to training with you next time!

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