Add these Stress Relief Self-Care Tools to Your Routine

During stress and crisis, life can feel overwhelming and very challenging at times. 

This blog post is a MUST READ or WATCH VIDEO to help you learn simple ways to relieve stress into your every day life, so that you find the stress relief you've been looking for.

Stress is a part of life and that is WHY it's so important for us to learn how to manage stress, and to learn these self-care tools that I'm going to share with you today. 

Learning these self-care strategy tools will help you feel more confident, less stressed and help you cope better when faced with any life challenge that comes your way. 


Getting enough sleep can be crucial to our overall health and wellbeing; especially, during stress and crisis.  Sleep is one the main self-care tools that you can use to help you decrease anxiety, stress and to feel better. 

Figure out how many hours of sleep you need to feel great and to be your best self. 

Try this free audio Guided Sleep Meditation so that you can sleep better.

And, please consult with your physician if you're having chronic sleeping issues, so together, you can come up with a treatment plan that works best for you.


If you haven't incorporated some type of meditation or mindfulness practice into your daily routine, now's the time.  When you meditate and practice being in the present moment, it helps you not stress about the past or worry about your future.   

Try this free guided Relaxation Meditation For Stress Relief


Getting out in nature or even viewing scenes of nature can help reduce stress, fear and anger, and increase feelings of happiness from within.  

When you're outside practice walking mediation by keeping your mind focused on each step you take or practice mindfulness meditation by focusing your attention on your surroundings by noticing the trees, flowers or other type of scenery that's in front of you.


Exercise can help you build strength, boost your energy level and relieve stress. 

Join my free 3-Day Pilates Challenge or 

go to my Ranada Fitness YouTube channel for free workouts.


Another great resource that you can use during stress and crisis is to consult with your doctor.  Especially, if you're having trouble coping with stress so they can help provide you with the best treatment plan that works for you.

Having the right resources and tools can help you not feel alone and get the help you need to live a healthy life. 

When you start incorporating these simple tools into your every day life, it can improve your life in significant ways!

These self-care tools can help you feel better, become a better parent, partner and friend.  

Enjoy practicing these self-care tools today.

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An amazing, healthier you,

Ranada xo





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