Pilates for Beginners | 5-Minute Upper Body Workout

If you're looking for a safe, quick and effective Pilates for beginners upper body workout, to help you increase upper body strength and stability where you need it the most, this workout is for you!  

Grab a mat or find a carpet space to workout on and let's begin.

Click on the YouTube video below to get started.


 Props:  Grab a mat or use a carpet space or rug to workout on.  

Let’s Begin.  Start on your hands and knees.  Place your hands directly underneath your shoulders or out a little wider.  Move your knees back a little bit and drop your hips forward so your head, shoulders, hips and ankles are in one line.  Draw your abdomen in to engage your neutral pelvis and move your shoulders down a little bit away from your ears. Place your feet down on the mat or feel free to lift them up if that feels more natural in your body.  

Exercise #1  Knee Push Ups

Step 1  Bend your elbows and lower your upper body down and up slowly for six to ten repetitions.  Then, relax in child’s pose position for one to two breathes.

Exercise #2  Plank Pose

Step 1  Hold plank pose for six to ten breathes.  Then, take child’s pose for one to two breathes.  Come to a seated or kneeling position to roll out your wrist in both directions.

Beginner Modification:  Hold bear pose for six to ten repetitions.  Bear pose is where you are on your hands and knees.  Then, lift your knees off the mat for six breathes.

Wrist Modification:  Either fold the top of your mat one to three times and place your hands on the folded part of the mat for support.  You can also use a folded hand towel.

Exercise #3  Side Plank

Step 1  Start in a plank position.  Turn your heels to the left and lift your left hand up towards the ceiling.  Make sure to stack your shoulders and hips on top of one anther and hold this position for six to ten breathes.  Take Child’s pose for one to two breathes. Repeat this on the other side.

Beginner Modification: Drop your bottom knee onto the floor underneath your hip. 

Wrist Modifiication:  Do forearm side plank.

Shoulder Modification:  Take forearm plank if that feels better in your body.  Keep your top arm down by your side if it bothers you to lift your arm up towards the ceiling.  

Bonus Exercise #4  Knee Push Up’s

Step 1  See exercise one for instructions.


Come to a seated or kneeling position.  Roll out your wrist three times in each direction.

That’s it, you’re done!  Thank you for joining me and I look forward to working out with you next time! 

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