Featured Member, Kelly Tibbetts, from Park City, Utah


This month's Featured Member is Kelly Tibbetts.  Kelly is a former competitive ski racer, wife, mother of two, nurse, district manager for Arbonne, an amazing friend, leader and someone who loves adventure and the outdoors.  Kelly lives in Park City, Utah, and exudes what is to be a self leader.  She's also a great role model for other women looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Keep reading for some wise words from Kelly..

Tell me about yourself:   I live in Park City, Utah, which is an outdoor adventure place of dreams… I LOVE living here!  I am also grateful to have a very, loving and supportive husband and two healthy and happy children, a 14-month old girl and 3-year old boy. Being a former competitive ski racer, I am a very driven person, focused on doing my absolute best every time. As a mother of 2, I am focused on providing my kids with opportunities to fulfill their dreams, and the tools to make the best choices for their lives. As a nurse, I am focused on providing my patients with the best care possible. As a district manager for Arbonne, I am focused on helping people live their best life by practicing an active and healthy lifestyle. As a friend, I am focused on being supportive and developing positive relationships.  I love connecting with people from all walks of life and making them feel cared for and valued.

Greatest strength:  My desire to serve others

Best tip for living a healthy, fit lifestyle:  Focusing on what you put in your body is the most important thing you can do to live a healthy life.

Favorite type of exercise: Yoga

Favorite type of body part to workout:  Core

Favorite Ranada Fitness 21-Day Challenge workout:  Day 4: Booty, from the 21-Day Summer Barre Fitness Challenge. I love that this workout helps me firm up my bottom, while strengthening my core.

Favorite thing to do for personal self-care:  Yoga and meditation – my time to focus on my own body and mind.

Favorite healthy food snack:  Arbonne’s protein powder. It is a healthy and convenient option to have when I am on the go. It is vegan-certified, packed with 20+ vitamins and minerals, and has a low glycemic index.

Favorite product line you promote and why:  The Arbonne line of nutrition and skincare products, which are botanically-based, vegan-certified and cruelty-free. I love that Arbonne is also focused on sustainably produced products and has been focused on green initiatives since its inception in 1980. Arbonne’s pure ingredient list promotes healthy living, and I love helping people improve their health through Arbonne’s pure, safe and beneficial products.

Favorite quote:  Get comfortable being uncomfortable, this is when growth happens.

Favorite non-profit organization you support and why:  National Ability Center – It is an amazing organization based here in Park City that offers sport, recreation and educational programs to people with disabilities, empowering them to build confidence, self-esteem and lifetime skills. I have volunteered in their cycling and equestrian programs over the years, and it has been a great way for me to combine my love of biking and horses with my love of helping others.

Best relationship tip:  Practice being a good listener and listen with an open heart.

Best friendship tip:  Be loving and selfless.

Best money tip:  Have a backup plan, which means developing a second stream of income so you have something to fall back on.

Best stress management tip:  Practice mindfulness.

Best tip to overcome fear and life challenges:  Face your fears. Running away from your fear only increases the distance from the solution.

Best tip to achieve any goal:  See yourself at the finish line, then start working and have faith in the process.

Greatest accomplishment:  Having the courage to leave a lucrative surgical sales job to pursue a career in nursing so that I could directly impact and serve others.

Describe what retirement looks like to you:  Traveling with my family to be active in the outdoors, spending time with extended family, and volunteering.  Feeling fulfilled and having no regrets.

If you could tell your future self something, what would it be?  The most effective way to change your situation is to focus on changing your mindset.

Kelly, thank you for being this month's featured member at Ranada Fitness!  Thank you for being YOU, practicing self-mastery and self-leadership, and for being a wonderful role model for women to live a healthy, fit lifestyle they can absolutely love! 

To learn more about healthier products, such as, Arbonne, click here.  

To learn more about Kelly's favorite non-profit organization, National Ability Center, in Park City, Utah, click here.  


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To an amazing, healthier you,

Ranada xo


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